Police Beat 312


Welcome to Police Beat 312.  Officer Steve Bush is the primary contact and Beat Coordinator of 312.  Officer Bush was hired by the Skokie Police Department in 1997 and is currently assigned as a day shift Patrol Officer.





Beat 312 is positioned in the middle of the east side of town.  In Beat 312, you will find a mixture of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

The western border of Beat 312 is Kenton Avenue (imagine it extended right through the golf course); the southern border is Oakton Street, the eastern border is McCormick Boulevard (NorthShore Channel); and the northern border is Dempster Street.  Elizabeth Meyer, Oliver McCracken and Middleton Schools are in this Beat, as well as Skokie’s Sculpture Park and numerous businesses along Dempster, Oakton, and McCormick.  Alleviating traffic congestion, as well as serving the residents, schools and businesses is the primary function of Beat 312 Officers.


Further Information


The Officers in Beat 312 strive to adhere to the Mission of the Skokie Police Department and the community-policing philosophy. If you are in need of immediate police assistance or need to report any criminal or suspicious activity, please call 9-1-1.  If you have any questions or concerns involving Beat 312, you can email Officer Bush at steve.bush@skokie.org or call 847/982-5302, x5005.