The Office of the Chief consists of the Chief of Police, senior management team, and support staff. The role of this Office is to provide leadership, direction and vision to the Department in the fulfillment of its overall Mission.


The Department is comprised of two primary functions, Field Operations and Administrative Services, each of which is headed by a Deputy Chief of Police. These two positions are responsible for much of the day-to-day and short-term operations of the Department, while the Assistant to the Chief focuses on long-term issues and tasks such as planning and research, budget and grant administration, and accreditation.


The Department participates in the Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (ILEAP), a voluntary process through which agencies may evaluate mission-critical policies and procedures against professionally-established criteria. Compliance with those criteria is then evaluated and verified by an independent and authoritative body, i.e., the Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Council.


The Skokie Police Department was first awarded accreditation through ILEAP in 2012, becoming only the sixth law enforcement agency in Illinois to have earned this prestigious status. The Department was successfully reaccredited in December, 2015.

Command Staff

Brian Baker

Chief of Police

Deputy Chief.

Administrative Services

Paul Weinman

Deputy Chief

Field Operations

Dane Smith

Assistant to the Chief

Office of the Chief

Cmdr. Robert Libit

Professional  Standards

Sgt. Denise Franklin

Support Services Supervisor

Cmdr. Jesse Barnes


Cmdr. Richard Wolfer

Special Operations

 Cmdr. David Pawlak

Watch Commanders

Cmdr. Daniel O'Brien

Cmdr. John Moersfelder

Ms. Susan Anderson

Records Unit Supervisor


Mr. John Barkhoo

Communications Director