• How do residents report crime tips or suspicious activity?

    Any action that requires immediate police assistance, including suspicious persons or activities occurring at the moment, should be called in to the police dispatch center at 9-1-1 for emergencies and at 847-982-5900 for non-emergencies. Citizens with information about a crime, suspicious persons or activities that have already occurred, or the whereabouts of a wanted suspect can call the Crime Tip Hotline at 847-933-TIPS (8477).  Any information regarding suspicious activity or known criminal activity can be reported anonymously. However, it is encouraged that when information is provided to the Police Department, citizens give contact information so that Police Officers can then follow up with updates on the information provided.

  • Why did the Police Department need a new $30 million police station?

    A comprehensive study cited many deficiencies with the old police station including inadequate space for the Records Unit storage and operations, inadequate evidence processing and packaging facilities, inadequate office space and storage throughout station and the need for spaces that did not exist.  The old building also had inadequate secure-prisoner areas such as the interrogation area, interview rooms and cells.  The facility was too small to accommodate current needs as existing space adjacencies were inefficient, parking was remote and inadequate, the roof leaked, the HVAC was inefficient as were the electrical and plumbing systems.  The building lacked a proper security system, was not ADA compliant and there was no option for stormwater detention.

  • How does the Skokie Police Department follow up with residents and business owners whose homes or businesses have been burglarized?

    When a burglary to a residence or business occurs and the Skokie Police Department is contacted, Officers are dispatched and make sure that the area is checked for any possible offenders.  The first responding Officer is responsible for meeting with the complainant/victim.  An initial investigation is conducted by that Officer and any and witnesses are interviewed for information that could assist in the investigation. In most cases, an Evidence Technician responds to the burglary for a scene examination and processing of any evidence. After the initial investigation is completed and reported, each burglary case is reviewed by an Investigations supervisor to determine if a follow-up investigation is warranted.  Burglary cases are given to detectives who specialize in the investigation of residential and business burglaries. Detectives review all initial reports including evidence reports and make contact with the victim.  Victims are encouraged to meet with the detectives to review all the information that was included the initial report.  The detectives then work to develop information through crime patterns, known intelligence and evidence recovered, to successfully solve these cases.


  • Can residents sign up to ride along with Skokie Police Officers on patrol?

    Yes, please contact the Skokie Police Department Front Desk or the Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit at 847-982-5900 to schedule a ride-along.  Scheduling is based upon Officer availability and Department guidelines.

  • Why does the Police Department charge when they respond to a false alarm at my residence (business)?

    Up to 76% of all false alarms are caused by user error. After the Police Department responds to two false alarms in one calendar year, additional false alarm responses will be assessed a charge.  Officers responding to false alarms are taken away from other duties. This means they are not available to respond to other incidents.

  • Can the Skokie Police Department put a special watch over my home while I am on vacation?

    Yes. Residents who will be away for an extended period of time can call the police non-emergency number at 847-982-5900 and ask that Residential Security Checks occur on their home.  Police Officers will conduct extra patrols on the home specifically looking for suspicious activity.  This also provides the Skokie Police Department with a way to contact you if there is an issue at your home.  Please keep in mind that the most effective prevention is the watchfulness of a neighbor.

  • How do I get a copy of a police report?

  • How do I start a Neighborhood Watch group in my neighborhood?

    Interested residents should contact the Skokie Police Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit at 847-982-5922 to get a Neighborhood Watch group started.  Interested residents will then need to speak with neighbors and arrange a date, time and place for a first meeting.  At the first meeting, a Crime Prevention/Community Relations Officer will be on hand to present the program, discuss the Neighborhood Watch concept, and effective crime prevention techniques as well as explain what it takes to make the group highly effective.

  • How can I make a commendation or complaint with the Police Department?

  • How do I view the Skokie Police Department 75th Anniversary book?