The Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit serves to eliminate the opportunity for crime within the Village.  The Unit is also responsible for the dissemination of information to the public.  Programs such as Neighborhood Watch, Officer Friendly, and Neighborhood Integrity, complimented by public safety presentations for all audiences are used to increase awareness and educate residents on relevant issues.  A variety of services such as Security Surveys, National Night Out and the Citizens Police Academy are offered by the specifically trained Crime Prevention Unit officers.  The Crime Prevention / Community Relations Unit is a large component of the Support Services Division.

Official Skokie Public Safety Bulletin

The Skokie Police Department maintains an Official Skokie Public Safety Bulletin that provides information on crimes and other incidents.  The bulletin is essential the same as a police blotter and is published as a transparent means to keep residents and media informed of happenings with the Village of Skokie.

The bulletin is updated automatically so as to always include one week’s worth of entries. The four most recent days are not published to accommodate the report writing, review, and archiving process.  Recent arrests and mugshots are attached to the end of the Public Safety Bulletin.  Click here to view the bulletin.

Social Media

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Texting of information is available!  Individuals can send the Skokie Police Department anonymous tips about criminal activity in via text messages, through a mobile app and on the web.  Key features include anonymous two-way interaction between the tipster and the Skokie Police Department and the ability to attach images to tips. Find out more by clicking here.

Text: Send “Skokie” and your tip info to 847411.

Mobile App: Search “Skokie Tips” at the AppStore or Android Google Play.

On the Web: click here for tip411


24-hour Crime Tip Hotline: 847/933-TIPS(8477)

Neighborhood Integrity Program

Click here for more information on the Residential Rental Unit and Neighborhood Integrity Initiative.

Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy offers citizens a unique opportunity by gaining insight into their Police Department. The 12-week course is usually held once per year.

Classes include topics such as investigations, canine unit and drugs and gangs. The program is a mix of instructional and role-playing activities which provide the citizen with a realistic understanding of police work in the community. There is no cost to citizens. For more information on the next Citizen's Police Academy please contact the Skokie Police Department's Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit at or at 847/982-5919. 

Presentations and Special Events

Group meetings within the Village of Skokie, including business associations, youth groups and senior organizations, are provided the opportunity to have an Officer speak about crime prevention topics of interest. Some subjects covered include personal safety and general crime prevention, identity theft, bank robbery and gang awareness.

Informational Brochures

The Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit offers a variety of information brochures for Skokie residents including the following:

·        Burglary

·        Commercial Solicitation

·        Garage Sale

·        Identity Theft

·        Bicycle Safety

·        Text-A-Tip

·        False Alarm

·        Graffiti

·        Parents, Teenagers and the Law

·        Truck, Cargo and Panel Van Parking

·        Commendation and Complaint Procedure

·        Senior Power vs. Con Artists

·        Hazardous Home Sites


·        Home Security

·        Crime Prevention Programs

·        Neighborhood Watch Program

School Safety and "Officer Friendly"

The Skokie Police Department School Safety Programs are presented to children in kindergarten through 3rd grade. The main goal of the program is to build and develop a trusting relationship between police officers and children. Further, "Officer Friendly" educates young people on the following law enforcement related topics:

·        Stranger Danger

·        Home Alone

·        Decision Making Skills

·        Learning address/telephone#, calling 9-1-1

·        Self-Esteem Building

School Safety programs are administered by the "Officer Friendly," beginning with kindergarten. Sessions last up to 30 minutes and are age-appropriate. For example, kindergartners learn about calling 9-1-1 and what to do in case they are lost. In first grade, stranger danger is emphasized. 

On some occasions, sessions designed for high school level students are offered to deal with relevant information for students who are in drivers' education programs. State of Illinois laws are reviewed and students are taught to understand that having a driver's license is a privilege.

Neighborhood Watch, visibility and social interaction

This program adheres to simple philosophies; "neighbors watching out for neighbors," and communicating with each other.  The program originated in 1982 with small groups of citizens or blocks of neighbors who simply watched out for each others well-being.  These small groups have grown into today's Neighborhood Watch Program, which includes over 200 blocks and more than 6,600 participants.  The program continues to grow as more and more citizens continue to communicate and demonstrate concern for their neighbors and neighborhoods.      

Once established, there are social benefits of the program as well.  Not only does a Neighborhood Watch provide raised neighborhood awareness, enhance sense of community and cooperation, and increased person-to-person neighbor interaction, but gives members a sense of belonging and offers the opportunity to contribute to the greater good, a safe and healthy community.   

Involved community members know: Their neighbors, the daily on-goings in the neighborhood, when something is wrong or out of place, and how to contact their beat officer. 


Involved community members serve as “eyes and ears” for law enforcement

Neighborhood Watch Groups help establish or reclaim informal control of a neighborhood

The neighborhood and the community greatly benefit through participation in the Neighborhood Watch Program.  The Skokie Police Department asks that any person interested in the program to please contact the Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit at 847/982-5922.

Security Surveys

Security Surveys cover home safety, house and business alarms, locking systems, lighting and parking issues. An officer will check a number of security factors and also will make recommendations about the interior of the building, such as ways to improve security of doors and windows. If you are interested in scheduling a Security Survey, please contact the Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit at 847/982-5919. 


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