Good News Notes


Good News Notes

  • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur K. wrote a thank you note to SPD for the professionalism and prompt action taken by Detective Jose Mendez.  Detective Mendez was able to track down jewelry taken in a theft from the resident’s home.  The jewelry had been taken by a caregiver working in the home and then sold to a pawn shop in Chicago. The 46 year residents wanted to thank the Village for exceptional services provided.


  • A complimentary telephone call was received from a Skokie resident thanking Detective Marino for his handling of a domestic incident at the resident’s home.  The resident said Detective Marino "did an excellent job" and "explained everything."  The resident was appreciative of the professionalism displayed. 


  • A complimentary telephone call was received from a resident of Munster, IN, thanking Officer Roque for his professionalism and information while trying to find a store location at Old Orchard Mall.  The encounter was described as friendly and the resident appreciated the front door service provided by Officer Roque.


  • The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) acknowledges exceptional DUI enforcement by Officer Jaroslaw Krecisz, Officer Robert Roque, Officer Joevani Torres, Officer John Veenhuis, and Officer Gregory Zurawski and has awarded them a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of their life-saving efforts.  Congratulations!


  • To Chief Scarpelli:  Please extend my gratitude to Officer Martin Kramarz assigned to the AMC Theater last night (Friday).  I left my iPad sitting by the popcorn preparation table and left without it.  I returned this morning to find that the Officer had turned it into the office.  I'm a public servant myself and find that most often the public doesn't notice the things that we routinely do.  I truly appreciate his effort.  -Citizen Bob A.


  • On behalf of the Roselle Police Department, I want to extend my gratitude to the Skokie Police Department and Officer Tom Krozel for providing the additional law enforcement presence at a large motorcycle rally event.  I truly appreciate your department’s assistance.  Chief of Police, Roselle, IL Steve Herron


  •  Mr. Ken F. telephoned SPD to report even though he was stopped by Officer Tom Hanson for a traffic violation, he found Officer Hanson to be the most courteous officer he has ever come across.  He advised that Officer Hanson was friendly and left a strong positive impression.


  • Our Place, a nonprofit facility working with teens and adults with developmental disabilities, located in Wilmette, IL, wrote Chief Scarpelli a thank you letter.  Executive Director Nicole Seidlitz thanked Sergeant Ervin Garcia and all responding SPD officers for assistance in locating a missing group member at Old Orchard Mall.  The response from the department was described as, “overwhelming, thorough, and incredibly quick.”  Seidlitz states she is so grateful to the entire department for their professionalism and thoroughness and will never forget the way SPD responded in Our Places’ time of need.


  • SPD received a telephone call from Mr. Donald S. who complimented Officer Janet Jones for her assistance in filing a traffic crash report at the Police Department front desk.  Donald said he was a little shook up from the crash and appreciated Officer Jones’ patience.  Donald and his wife were especially appreciative of the kindness they were shown considering their age and extra explanation needed for them to understand.  Donald described the interaction with Officer Jones as perfect model for how all desk reports should be handled.



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