Police Beat 311



Welcome to Police Beat 311.  I am Officer Gerald Klamerus, the primary contact and Beat Coordinator of 311.  I was hired by the Skokie Police Department in 1995 and am currently assigned to the dayshift working from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.



Beat Location


Beat 311 is located in the northeast section of Skokie.  Beat 311 consists mostly of residences, parks and schools.  Beat 311 properties have both the 60076 and 60203 zip codes, and yes, 60203 is Skokie!

The northern border of Beat 311 is mostly Golf Road, where Skokie meets Evanston (although one neighborhood extends north to Old Orchard Road.  The eastern border of the Beat is East Prairie Road; the western borders are Gross Point Road or Kenton Avenue; and the southern border is Dempster Street.  Schools within this Beat include Bessie Rhodes Magnet, Devonshire, Highland and Walker.  The Beat is also home to the Devonshire Cultural Center and many parks.   I look forward to seeing you at neighborhood meetings and block parties.




Further Information


The Officers in beat 311 strive to adhere to the mission of the Skokie Police Department and the community policing philosophy. If you are in need of immediate police assistance or need to report any criminal or suspicious activity, please call 911.  If you have any questions or concerns involving Beat 311, you can email me at gerald.klamerus@skokie.org or call 847/982-5302, x5036.   I look forward to serving you!