Police Beat 316


Welcome to Police Beat 316.  We are Officers Tom Hanson and Sam Rannochio, the primary contacts and Beat Coordinators of 316. Combined, we’ve been serving for over 36 years!  We are both currently assigned to the Patrol Division on dayshift from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Beat Location


Beat 316 is a smaller area in the middle of Skokie.  Our Beat extends just a couple blocks to either side of Skokie Boulevard.  The western border of Beat 316 is Terminal Ave/railroad right-of-way, the southern border is Main Street, the eastern border is Kenton Avenue and the northern border is Church Street.


Officers working Beat 316 answer calls for service at the many apartment complexes including two-flats and four-flats.  The Dempster Street corridor and Skokie Swift make this Beat very accessible.


Further Information


The Officers in Beat 316 strive to adhere to the mission of the Skokie Police Department and the community policing philosophy. If you are in need of immediate police assistance or need to report any criminal or suspicious activity, please call 911.  If you have any questions or concerns involving Beat 316, you can email either of us at thomas.hanson@skokie.org or samuel.rannochio@skokie.org or by calling 847/982-5302, x5025/x5062.   Please remember to lock your car doors at night: LOCK IT OR LOSE IT!