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Over the past Several weeks, numerous incidents of burglary to motor vehicle and dwelling have occurred within the Village of Skokie.  Many neighboring communities have also experienced the same upsurge in these types of crime. 


The majority of vehicles or homes burglarized were unlocked and targeted by thieves looking for an easy score.  The subjects who commit these acts often find their mark by walking the streets at night, pulling on the door handles of vehicles until an unlocked door is found.  Once inside a car or house, it takes only a matter of seconds for your hard-earned valuables to be taken.  The most commonly taken items are cash/coins, telephones, sunglasses, prescription medication, and car keys.


At least seven motor vehicle thefts have occurred as a result of keys that were found in unlocked vehicles.


The Skokie Police Department reminds residents of how to avoid becoming the next burglary victim:


·        Always lock the windows and doors of your home and automobile. 

·        Report suspicious activity.  Call the police if you see anyone loitering around a home or vehicle, pulling on door handles, or otherwise acting suspiciously.

·        Take your keys with you!  Never leave your keys or key fob (including spares) unattended inside the vehicle, especially not in the ignition.  House keys should not be in plain view.

·        Be mindful of where you park.  Choose well-lit, visible, and busy areas.  Make sure your home has exterior lighting.

·        Ready any alarm system in your home or anti-theft device on your vehicle.

·        Mark valuables with your driver’s license number or some other identifying info so if recovered, they can be returned to you.

·        Make a police report; if you are the victim of a burglary, even if nothing or only insignificant items were taken. This will help us track crime patterns and apprehend the persons responsible.


Contact the Crime Prevention / Community Relations Unit to start a Neighborhood Watch on your block or to request a residential security survey of your property! Email: crime.prevention@skokie.org or call 847-982-5922.




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