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The Skokie Police Department responds to all calls for service in the most expeditious manner possible, rendering all necessary aid and assistance.  It is understood, however, that at times the physical presence of a Police Officer is neither necessary nor appropriate to accomplish the filing of a police report. 

The Skokie Public Safety Portal is provided to enable citizens to easily report non-emergency incidents. This method should not be used if anyone was injured as a result of the Incident, or if an officer should be dispatched to the crime location. Use 9-1-1 FOR ALL EMERGENCIES, THIS PORTAL IS NOT TO BE USED FOR IMMEDIATE REQUESTS FOR POLICE SERVICE. 

The Skokie Police Department Public Safety Portal allows the entry of specific report types such as Animal Bite, Assault, Battery, Delayed Prowler, Delayed Suspicious Incident, Harrassing Phone Calls, Lost Property and Theft.

Solvability Statement:  The decision to assign an investigator to follow up on a reported crime is based on several criteria.  One of the criteria used is the presence of what are called solvability factors.  It is very important you communicate to us in your report the presence of any of the following factors so we can make the appropriate decision:These reports may also be completed by telephone or on a walk-in basis.  This can be accomplished by calling 847/982-5900 or visiting Skokie Police Headquarters at 7300 Niles Center Road, Skokie.



  • Can a suspect be named?  If not, have you previously seen the suspect before anywhere?
  • Is there a witness to the crime?
  • Can you or a witness identify the suspect if seen again?
  • Can you or a witness identify the suspect’s vehicle if seen again (if applicable)?
  • Is any stolen property traceable (i.e. known serial numbers, unique identifiers)?
  • Are you willing to sign a Criminal Complaint against the Suspect?
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